"Details create the big picture"

ADiRA DESiGNS is a body of professional Engineers engaged in rendering design services in Electrical, Mechanical, and Low Voltage Utilities as applied to Hospitals, Offices, Hotels, Shopping Complexes and Apartments.

ADiRA DESiGNS is supported by a consolidated team of specialized Engineers, a committed management, with a collective experience of over and above Ten years, in various aspects of engineering.

ADiRA DESiGNS is constantly investing to improve its state-of-the-art knowledge not only in the domains of its core expertise but also in advanced technological areas that would potentially create new business activities, enhancing its service offering.

ADiRA DESiGNS strives to deliver the highest standards of MEP designing, carefully paying attention to our client's ideas, collaborating in the development of the right scope of work. We develop a unique approach towards each client and each project is a never ending responsibility for us. Our commitment, as well as the commitment of our partners and clients, has contributed to the impressive accomplishments of the company.

Our list of past projects and our combination of new and long serving employees offers an unparalleled depth of experience which results in the best solutions and practices for our clients